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Shouguang Jintuo Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Shouguang Jintuo Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a home materials service provider based on wrapping profiles. Jintuo company takes customer profitability as its own responsibility, constantly introducing new frame-mode doors and matching decorative MDF profiles, and is committed to product application design, satisfy the needs of customers.
Jintuo company owns domestic door assembly lines. MODULARIZATION running units and FMS (Flexible manufacturing system) designed by applying advanced industrial production concept adapt to customized products and mass industrial production as well. Jintuo’s products mainly in furniture doors, kitchen cabinet doors, wardrobe doors and wrapping profiles. Jintuo company has self-supported import and export right and the products have exported all over the world. The company serves many domestic well-known furniture companies, cabinet companies, and decoration companies.
Jintuo company accepts the development and production of personalized offerings from new and old customers with dedicated professionalism, creditability and sharp service awareness. 

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